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Hidden Camera Dressing Room
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Reviewed on: 25/07/2017
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Great voyeur porn site, HiddenCameraDressingRoom has multiple high-quality cameras that are set up to give you the best shots and videos of different kinds of chicks while they are in the shower. Robin and Julia are the horny couple that is primarily responsible for this delicious voyeur compilation. If you love the thought of spying and sneaking on darlings’ territory, then this porn site is perfect for you.

Robin and Julia are a gorgeous couple who still can’t get enough of their horny escapades. Together, they are spreading the thrill and excitement of spying and sneaking on closed doors! But you don’t have to worry about getting caught. You just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the massive collection of this couple. The compilation is neatly presented and organized in a website. The moment you land on the homepage, I’m sure you would instantly feel the excitement of being in control. 

The sweethearts in the subject do not have the slightest idea that the cameras are waiting for them once they stepped inside the locker or the shower room. I give Julia a very high score for being able to set up the cameras on the best spots, allowing you to see each and every move without the need to cock your head. Though the footages do not come in ultra HD, the visual quality is excellent enough to see those delicious naked bodies as water is dripping on the floor. There are various cameras and locations, allowing you to see different faces and different bodies from time to time. 

If you feel quite reluctant in joining this site, then you can go and check out the free teasers of the videos. There are particular thumbnails that allow you to take a glimpse of what is happening inside. The screenshots taken from the clippings and full-length videos are nice, too. HiddenCameraDressingRoom also delivers you with over a thousand video footages of real darlings showering naked at public pools and gyms. They do not have the slightest idea that a horny couple is enjoying their naked bodies and afterward, they are instant porn stars in the world of voyeur porn! 

Enjoy your nasty fantasies as they shower and soap their hair. There are even darlings here who shave their pubic hairs and even the hairs on their legs. From sexy darlings with curves all on the right places to middle aged chicks and down to plump matured darling, you can see tons of them. And take note! There are fresh faces from time to time! Even the naughty conversations in the background can be heard as well! There are lots of single stalls that are open and offer naked chicks under spraying water. Julia has also been able to set up spy cam footage from showers. The site design is simple but the contents would surely keep your share filled! If you’re craving after a particular collection of locker-shower-voyeur action, this site is a nice pick! You can stream and download the contents without limits, too!

All the sweethearts that you would see inside HiddenCameraDressingRoom are not putting up a show. As a porn critic, I am sure I can spot a sign whether the contents are staged or not. But upon watching the videos here, I can sense pure innocence from the sexy darlings! They step inside the shower, take off their clothes and do their normal showering routine. This may sound simple, but the thought of being able to see them as they watch and scrub their privates is definitely thrilling. You would feel that you are in power as you spy and sneak on these chicks.


HiddenCameraDressingRoom is the perfect spot to go if you have a specific fondness for sweethearts that are taking showers. From the way they undress to the way they shave, rub, soap and rinse their bodies, there’s something quite unexplainable on the orgasmic pleasure that they bring. Robin and Julia are more than generous to share their voyeur collection to the rest of the world so you must really come and check this site out! Tons of naked chicks freshening up await you here!

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Marco Falco

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