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Reviewed on: 25/12/2015
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BDSM has been getting popular over the years and if you love the idea of femdom then you should definitely visit the website Femme Fatale Films. The website is known for producing some of the hottest content on the internet and they have been pushing out amazing sex scenes for everyone since the past year.

The website makes you feel right at home with classic greyed out colors. The website has a nice them to it and soon as you open up the website you will see some of the sexiest and dominant women you have ever seen. Femdom action mostly involves women who love being in control of what they are doing in bed and if you love the idea of being controlled completely by a woman when having sex then you will have a gala time at the website. Unlike the dull content that you get to see in other websites, you will get to access videos and images of some of the hottest women who can be very dominant in bed and they run the show.

Despite being a website that caters to just one particular niche, Femme Fatale Films is one of the websites that never fail to impress. They have been pushing out content day after day without fail and they always manage to publish something new every day. The website content fits directly into the BDSM theme and you will love how all of the women make the men crave them instead of the other way around. The women do not mind trying something new and they are willing to take things to the next level and get down and dirty. You will find them wearing strap on dildos and other tools that allow them to keep the men in check and you will love seeing all of the women dominate the men throughout the scenes. The men treat the women like goddesses in the videos and do pretty much anything that the women want. The website has been pushing out genre defining content over the past one year and they have a direct approach in doing things.

One of the best things about the website is that they take user suggestions very strictly and are willing to do anything at all to keep the member base satisfied. The women are a part of some of the most intense BDSM scenes you have ever seen and the women are among the most experienced in the industry. If you are unsure about the content just go through the free tour and check out the models. The videos have been shot in studio like conditions and there are many close up angles which let you see everything up close and personal.

The user interface is very good and you will have no difficulties browsing through all of the images and videos. The navigation of the website is very efficient and you will be able to find anything that you need all at one go. The website has a range of advanced search options that help you get anything that you need in an instant.

The member’s area is where you should be if you want to find anything at all. The member’s area serves as a news feed and you are notified of all of the latest updates that are posted on the website. The content on the website is regularly updated and you instantly get all of the details. The website features mobile streaming as well so if you are using a smartphone you will be able to stream the videos comfortably on your phone without any kind of lag or stutter.

Anything that you download is free from any kind of DRM licensing and the videos and images that are downloaded can be accessed even if your membership runs out over time. There are over 1,200 images on the website that are grouped into galleries and you can download them as zip files. The videos can be downloaded as MPEG-4 files and they run on nearly all media players.

The website is home to some of the most stunning women you have ever seen. Despite having started out just last year, the website has achieved a healthy upload rate and they put up amazing videos every single day along with new galleries. All of the content is not available elsewhere so being a member is kind of an exclusive deal and the content that is published is for the members of the website only. You will not have access to the content that is published from any other website. The length of the videos is quite good and you will find plenty of detailing and close up shots. The videos are directed perfectly and the studio settings make the entire content look professionally made.


The galleries receive regular updates and new videos are put up on a daily basis. Very few BDSM websites have been able to taste success. Most websites cater to multiple genres at the same time but this one chooses to stand out. Femme Fatale Films focuses on a single niche since its inception and it has been able to carve out content for everyone who loves to get in on the BDSM action. The high quality videos are surely not to be missed and the images just make you come back over and over again.

Marco Falco

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