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A top rated HD GF porn site, Emo Sex GFs is a premiere adult video website that hosts videos and images of these emotionally tormented souls who dye their hair, and wear dark & heavy makeup while listening to loud music with emotional lyrics to get into their wild and naughty persona.

The word “Emo” comes from the word “Emotional”, where the songs are somewhat a cross between rock and punk, but it has a more in depth meaning and emotion in their lyrics. It was never really clear how it all started, but the Emo subculture began somewhere around 2004 when an old social media network called My Space would allow the pre-pubescent girls and boys to meet new people online and share interests, one of them was the Emo genre and subculture.

When I first logged in the website, you can see several pictures and videos caps of these lovely Emo girls plastered all over the denim and grey colored website. Initially, I thought this was just a picture or image hosting website since most Emo girls love posting sexy photos of themselves, but I was surprised to find videos uploaded! What shocks me even more are a couple features that got me clicking to the registration page.

There are five tabs on their terribly simple website which is Videos, Albums, Favorites, Special Offers and Sites. The videos and I will discuss in another section, so I’ll dive in to the other features I would like to highlight in this review. In their “Albums” page, it is a page that contains image galleries that both give them a link to the videos and a neat photo gallery that are usually stills and vid caps of the video. The Favorites tab contains hotlinks to any video or image gallery you wish to keep track of. The Special Offers tab is self-explanatory, and often gives out promos like discounts if you are they type who subscribes on a monthly basis.

As an added bonus on top of the aforementioned highlights, members are given access to at least a dozen other adult video websites such as The Indian Porn, Asian Sex GFs, Porn Latina and ten more! The latest addition to their collection was The Futanari, it was added recently and there are three empty slots with a black “question mark” tile in them. I may not know what websites they are adding next but this is quite a promising feature! If you think this is not enough to get you rushing to the registration page, wait until you hear about their girls and videos.

These Emo girls are often confused with Goth girls since they more than often look physically the same. If you think about it, what does a person have in order to be considered Emo? Based on the sexy and gratuitous videos I have seen, it is at least a combination of tattoos, colored hair, make-up, and or black polished nails, which most of these girls seem to sport.

It goes without saying that most of these girls are amateurs but some have gone professional due to their notoriety as Emo, Goth or Tattooed girls such as Riley Mason, Kylee Kross, Krysta Kaos, and many more! There are some professionals who have retired such as Allie Sin, but thankfully her videos aren’t and are still available for your viewing pleasure at Emo Sex GFs’ gallery! The videos are in superb high definition, several videos are up to 1080 pixels which may considered medium resolution for the porn connoisseurs who are into ultra-high definition videos, but for the work of amateurs, it is top-notch.

Emo Sex GFs allows you to stream their videos online, but for members who live in an area with slow internet connection, you may opt to download their videos. You can only download the videos individually and not as a group however, you can download the images either individually or as a pack. Viewing the videos online is an FLV format but fret not for downloaded videos will be in an MP4 format so as not to ruin the video quality. As an added bonus to this feature, Emo Sex GFs does not put a stream or download limit so you can download and stream to your heart’s content. If you are still hesitant, why not grab the opportunity to view their tour page? As an added feature, Emo Sex GFs has set up a tour page where it lets you explore the website, but just enough to get you interested.


Before I give out the result, here are my final thoughts. Emo Sex GFs is a premium adult video website that focuses on Emo girls and boys who have some sexy videos to share to the internet. Their content is exclusive, which means it can’t be found anywhere else on the internet, their girls are the bomb, they have unlimited streaming and downloading of both their videos and their picture galleries. As an added bonus, you have access to at least a dozen adult websites through Emo Sex GFs’ network. On top of that, the website and the payment schemes are not that bad either.

My final verdict? Yes, a thousand times Yes! You should definitely get a membership if you are into sexy emo girls who want you to have fun and more. What’s even a bigger bonus is sharing this website with your significant other just to have some sexy ideas for the bedroom! Talk about a win-win situation!

“Website offline! Take a tour of the best paid porn sites.”

Marco Falco

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