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Most of the adult entertainment sites will upload videos and make scenarios that their viewers want and let them watch two, if not more, of their models have sex and then they leave their viewers to work on their imagination.

However there is a different type of porn that is making its name in the industry, it’s virtual reality porn and it will make its viewer feel like they are part of the scene itself, it is a different type of enjoyment as you will have the model of your choice all by yourself and they will do everything that you want them to do to you and only you.

Once you open the site you will see at the upper right side of the page six tabs: it has the join tab, the videos tab wherein you can watch their videos that are uploaded on the site weekly, the girls tab that has the profiles and pictures of their models, the help tab that has the frequently asked questions section wherein you can read a lot more about the site and your subscription, the news tab wherein you can read the latest activities of the site and the log in at wherein you can place your chosen username and password to be able to access the site’s contents.

The videos on this site are not the ordinary load, stream and watch type of adult entertainment videos, it is a virtual reality concept therefore you will need a Google Cardboard VR Goggle that will be shipped to you once you register as it comes with the subscription so that you can fully enjoy the contents. Their videos are 3D, 4K with a 360-degree angle so that you can fully view the action that will happen, its 60 fps and has a binaural sound. All of their videos can be rated based on the performance of the model and the plot that was given and each video run for about 20 to 30 minutes, they are also all compatible with oculus, HTC Vive, Gear VR and all smartphones, you can also stream and download as many videos as you want. If you want to be notified

If you want to be notified with the updates and latest news about the site then you can follow or their social media accounts like facebook, youtube, twitter, tumblr and instagram. The quality of the contents of the site is featured in and is reviewed by magazines, newspapers and entertainment sites such as New York Post, Maxim, GQ, CNBC and more, this certifies just how well thought of the contents of this site are.

The videos in this site will transport you to the scene that you choose and will give you a first person point of view in having sex with the model of your choice. One of the famous models on the site is Cindy Loarn, she is a gorgeous brunette who had played as a lady by the pool who saw the erection and got turned on.

Then there is Zoe Doll who played as a secretary in one of her videos, this model does not shy away from staring at you while giving you a blowjob, and she is always all smiles while you cum on her face and in her mouth. Loren Minardi is a Middle Eastern beauty that has played as a woman who needs help with understanding the instructions of her office work, and in her video something must have been lost in translation because at the start she was trying to finish her work but it ended with her getting her pussy pounded and getting cum all over her body.

Blair Williams is another famous blonde model on the site, in her video she played as a nurse and as a viewer, you were her patient. And she does know how to make her patients feel better as she started sucking your cock while you were wearing your hospital gown, and minutes later she hops on the bed with you and she rides your cock while she still got her uniform on. These are just some of the models and characters that you can experience and watch once you subscribe to this virtual reality adult entertainment site.

Their videos maintain their high quality whether you watch it in your laptop, desktop, tablet or phone. They also offer a streaming option and they even send you a free VR Google cardboard once you subscribe as a member of the site so that you can get the complete virtual reality porn experience.


BaDoinkVR is an adult entertainment site that will offer you something different, unique and more personal. The virtual reality concept will instantly give you the first person point of view on scenes that you want to watch, making it seem that you are the one who is having sex with your selected model. As a user you will be able to see just your virtual arms and legs as you reach our arm out to touch the model and as you look down while they give you a blowjob.

The videos on this site will give you a closer look at the bodies of the models as it would seem like they are straddling your lap or sucking your cock. They also update their contents regularly so once you become a member of the site you can follow them on their social media account such as twitter, instagram, facebook, youtube and tumblr for updates.

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