Asa Akira

Asa Akira

Birth dateJanuary 2 - 1986
Tits TypeEnhanced

Asa Akira pornstar

Asa Akira is a beautiful, sexy and appealing Asian-American porn star born on January 3, 1985 in New York City. Today, she is one of the richest and famous Asian-American actresses, with multiple award wins. Her work career began after graduating and like other porn actresses, she worked as a stripper before entering the huge industry of porn. Back then, when she shot her first movie, Asa was twenty years old and her first scene in porn was a girl on girl action, mainly starring with Gina Lynn. Only after that did she began shooting in movies with men and first of them was with Travis Knight for Gina Lynn Productions. Today, Asa is on fourth place at “The Top 100 Hottest Porn Stars Right Now” and on sixth place at “The Top 50 Hottest Asian Porn Stars of All Time“.

She has won more than 10 awards including 2013 AVN Award for best female performer of the year, becoming the second Asian actress to ever receive that award. In 2012 Asa Akira married Spanish porn director and actor Toni Ribas and now she isn’t just a porn star but also a model, director and writer as well.

asa akira pornstar

Career in Adult Entertainment Industry

Twenty year old Asa began her career in 2006 by starring mostly with girls and only after that did she star with male actresses, despite that she doesn’t call herself a bisexual but an indefinable instead. Today she is a full time porn actress and has signed exclusive contract with one big company. Her ten year old career brought her awards like best star of the year and best pov scene of the year, all thanks to her, treating porn with love and respect. Like she says, she loves starring in porn movies and that might be the reason for her huge success. Every job requires one to work hard and love it. With a positive attitude things fall into place naturally.

Asa’s first award nominations are thanks to David Aaron Clark’s 2009 film called Pure, but her career really took off after becoming a Fleshlight girl in 2011. According to her, Fleshlighting for a pornstar is like getting a shoe for an athlete. For today, her income consists mostly of money she makes on her own website, with or without shooting new videos and from her writing as well. Undeniably she is a shining star in porn industry and has lots of fans around the world thanks to variety of content of her videos.

You might be all wondering, how did she achieve this kind of success in industry that vast. Besides her gorgeous body and ability to take it all, she bonds with her partners emotionally and in her videos you can feel the chemistry, which audience is keen on. She says that for her it’s not like the ugly job like people think it is.

Private Life and Interests

During her ten year long career Asa has starred in over 300 movies and in these movies you can see her doing all kinds of things starting from sexy girl on girl action to double anal penetration and so one making her movies appealing for all types of audience. Her passion for porn makes her see it more as an art than work, helping her to emotionally connect with her partners and transfer that huge amount of pleasure to her audience. She knows how to screw and she knows how to make you watch her during sex. She is sexy and she is elegant, with a greatly shaped ass and amazing natural tits. This is the girl to spend your time as she bares everything for you. Feel sex from a beautiful woman who is not shy to show you everything you desire in sex. She will drive you will wild and make you want to see more of her.

Despite the fact, that she is not tall at all, just around 5’2”, her curvy, nicely shaped body is a must see. She is also just a 46 kg, but this little Asian-American porn star knows how to treat her body. She is always in great shape and makes her sexy body even sexier with the tattoos like 5 flowers on the left shoulder, flowers on the left shoulder blade, rose on a right shoulder blade, birds on the back of her neck and a 5-pointed star inside her left forearm. Also, not only does Asa has a great body shape, but she always dresses good as well. She has great taste in clothing and knows how to dress up her beautiful body to look more beautiful. She does not cover it all and once in while you can spot dressed like a sexy girl just waiting to have fun any time!

asa akira
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