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Reviewed on: 25/11/2015
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What if you were asked to make a list of the things that you would really like, if porn only allowed it? What would your list say? Have you thought about this already? Honestly, we have thought about this subject for quite some time now. We have even made this list one of our main references to keep in mind whenever we write reviews for different porn sites. If you still haven’t thought about this yet, allow us to share some of the items on our list.

First, we would love it if we would be able to interact with the ladies in the video. Yes, we know that for now, it is technically impossible to reach through the computer screen and be able to touch the woman’s body, but to be able to talk to her, and with her answering back, that would be nice, right? Next on our list, is that we wish that the girls are really enjoying the scenes. We can only guess, but sometimes, even the best actresses in porn fail to prove that they’re not doing the videos just for the money. In fact, there are a lot of times that you really feel that they’re just doing the videos as a job.

Finally, we wish that some of the porn stars look real. Sure, they are crazy beautiful, but wouldn’t it be nice to see a realistic girl every once in a while? Someone that would perfectly fit into our daily lives, like this girl, could actually walk alongside with us to the park and nobody would notice that she’s a porn star because she doesn’t even look like one. We are not going to be surprised if some of the items on our list are actually similar to yours. We acknowledge that a lot of guys out there crave for these same things, like us.

Hence, allow us to move on to our review. We are really excited to share with you right now that we have actually found a porn site that more or less matches the things that we would like to see on a porn site. This website is called Home Cams. Home Cams is part of the same network as Smut Cam, and it is actually a live video chat site where you can interact with their different porn stars and amateur models anytime. These different models have been divided into different genres as well, so we get an idea of each of their specialty niches. Second, these models are mostly amateurs who just want to have sexy fun. Yes, while they are also going to get paid, they still have this element of surprise because they don’t really know what we are going to ask them to do. Hence, the pleasure that you are going to see is not scripted, which makes it more genuine.

Finally, because they are mostly amateurs, the beauty of the girls here are more natural and normal, if you get what we’re saying. Having said all of the good points of Home Cams, we are not going to be too surprised if you are already planning on signing up for membership, well don’t worry because we have all the information that you’re going to need right here and we have the best news for you: signing up for Home Cam is absolutely free! Not only that, you will also get five free tokens to get you started. Of course, you would still need to pay in order to enjoy a private chat session, but being a member already grants you FREE access to the guest chat where you would be able to talk to the porn model already and see a sample video.

Speaking of videos, did you know that Home Cams has been in the industry for over twelve years already? In this light, they are already considered as pioneers in the leading advancements of the world of porn. One of the best things that we love about this site is that the fact that they have some of the best engineers who helped them develop one of the first interactive high definition full screen video in the entire industry of porn.

Going back to the website, you might be surprised on how it looks. Despite the fact that it is very technologically advanced, the website design itself is pretty simple. It doesn’t have that flashy banner that you see on most porn sites, and it only has a plain white background.

Upon landing on the homepage, you will already get to see the thumbnails of the models available for us to interact with. You will be surprised on their wide and varied selection. This is also one of the reasons why they have organized their models into different categories because they have actually covered all the different types of girls, nationalities, and assets, from Asians with long legs, to blondes with big boobs. You can find them all here.

What happens on the videos, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter because it is under your control already. You get to decide about everything.


Overall, we are really fond of this porn site, and we even consider it one of our favorites. The things that you can do here is just endless. And we can imagine ourselves spending hundreds of hours on this site, just interacting and having sexy fun.

Marco Falco

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Main network: Smut Cam
Reviewed on:25/11/2015


Free shows:Yes

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