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Reviewed on: 11/04/2014

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The WTF Pass is a hardcore porn network, focusing on the freshmen-themed porn, including models from the appropriate age range and videos of hot fresh couples, and nasty dorm-parties. These videos are staged, most of them are probably scripted, but nevertheless they are quiet fun to watch; the girls are gorgeous, the sex is heavy so the network offers you everything you would need.

When you start exploring the site (open the tour page for example), and if you are an experienced porn-viewer, you will probably notice that some of these hotties are quite the hot pieces, and they can be seen on other sites, doing the nasty. The network sites have a mix of this and that, though they usually offer hardcore sex and hot situations. It’s European stuff, so you might want to get ready for heavy elements.

The network consists of 11 sites. Each of these sites will be available for you if you join the network, either on the main page, or any of the included pages. You can enjoy here are large variety of porn, including kinky things, just as some vanilla porn too. For example, to mention something heavy: there is a site, where a well-hung guy dressed as a panda fucks the girls hard and well. It’s a fetish, or is it fun? You should decide. Also, there are so many hot group sex videos, which they are going to blow your mind. There are hot dorm-room parties, home parties which turn into hardcore orgies at a certain porn. Naturally, they are organized parties, and the participants are mostly semi-professionals, yet these scenes are quite amazing.

The matter of exclusivity is quite questionable, because there are some scene which feel quite familiar, but it’s also quite certain that there are in-house productions too. This way we should say that there is some exclusive content.

One of the best features of the WTF Pass’s home page is that it has the same design and layout as the inner pages, so if you take a thorough tour, you can easily handle the members’ zone too. The top features a banner with the site’s logo, and with the network statistics. It’s followed by the only menu, which offers links to the videos, the girls and the list of the sites.

As far as the tour is concerned, it’s quite good, you can get enough information about the content to make a good choice. The pages where you land after you choose an option from the menu offer several sorting options, so you can see the latest scenes first, or the top rated or most popular ones. If you open the videos list, you will see a description for them, their length, and the number of males and females featured in them.

You get the usual viewing options as a member: you can save the videos without limitations, or you can view them in the browser. For a quick playing, you should open the FLV stream, which grants you a good playback, and HD quality. The downloadable files have better bit rates, but their online version is quite good too. The picture galleries contain photos and video-captions alike.

The girls you can see on the WTF Pass’s sites are all gorgeous Europeans. These citizens of the Old Continent are all hot and seemingly quite eager to please. They are all professionals, so if you don’t really like amateurs, you don’t have to worry about it. When you start browsing through the models’ list, you will find here a good models’ database to browse through.

The main niches of this network is reality porn, and most sites cover freshmen-themed stuff, so the girls are all in their 20’s. This way the network ensures not just good scenarios of hardcore sex, but such beauty and glamour that it’s going to blow your mind. When you see the hot models of the WTF Pass, you are going to get a hell of a chill. Probably the most important, and most tempting thing about these hot girls is that a circa 99% of them is natural. This isn’t the United States, and they are not coming from rich countries: they have natural breasts, lips and ass… and they are wonderful that way. You don’t have to worry however, there are lots of busty models too, so you can have your breast-fetish fulfilled.

Since the WTF Pass is the hub of the network, it has a large scale of porn niches covered in its scenes. The different sites included in the membership cover different niches, and in case you like to browse through hundreds of porn scenes, this collection will prove to be quite satisfying. There are usually hardcore niches covered by these videos. Due to the main topic of the site (reality-porn) there are usually different life-like and staged situations which usually end in some hard pounding. You can enjoy here hot threesomes (one guy, two girls also happen), group sex, and there is hardly any scenes that doesn’t feature anal sex.

There are no amateur videos on the WTF Pass’s sites, however, the girls are easily fitting to the gorgeous girlfriend categories. You will find it that many videos here are shot in neat rooms, with lots of light, so you can enjoy as the light glimmers on those tight, astonishing bodies. What these folks perform is wonderful. One would think that Russians don’t do good porn, but wait until you see these videos. They are mostly sensual, quite erotic scenes, and though the sex is hard, it’s arousing and sometimes the videos could be even considered couple-friendly.


You can get a load of good porn at the WTF Pass, and it’s a highly recommended porn site. There are updates coming in regularly, and the already available more than 2,000 hardcore scenes will surely keep your hands sticky.

The WTF Pass has eleven sites, but they all worth checking, and if you think about it, it’s also a good deal: 2,000+ scenes of 11 different series for the regular membership fee of one paid porn site. It’s something you shouldn’t miss.

Marco Falco



Trial:1 days: $1.00
Month:Regular Price $34.95
Our Price: $19.95
Year:$7.50 / month
Gift Card payment:No

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Reviewed on:11/04/2014

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