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Reviewed on: 14/09/2015

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User-Submitted Porn? You have to feel good about yourself to do something like this). That’s the downside. However, the upside (and for me it outweighs anything on the downside) is regular folks showing what they do in private make it. For someone like me who loves amateur porn, this site is heaven.

They have movies and photos from couples all over the world, all eagerly giving us a peek into their sex lives and thanks to the fact we’re all equally eager to see and be seen they get enough submissions to update their content daily. When the couples set out to make their own porn videos, they clearly did a lot of research because they know all the tricks and they set about them with practiced ease. Amateurs they may be but they’ve learned from professionals and it shows.

From girls masturbating on their own to get a partner aroused, through girls being masturbated by their partners (male and female because lesbians too like to share their experiences), oral sex for both sexes, facials and other body parts spattered with cum, toys for every orifice, anal sex with toys, fingers and pricks, and pussy penetration in every known position, though from behind is a favorite it seems, and there’s enough creatively naughty selfies to turn the heads of even the most jaded of porn watchers.

Joining See MY GF doesn’t get you into a network of niche sites because it doesn’t need to. Every known niche is here and with a completely new girl every time!

In the porn world, fresh chicks are a premium commodity and there are plenty of sites and pages out there covering the topic. Similarly, most porn sites have an ‘amateurs’ page or two because it is a popular genre in the sex spectrum.

See My GF is a combination of the two with a twist; these are genuinely amateur folks who grew up in the age of phonecams and social media and they’ve put all that together to make their own porn movies for the sheer fun of it. It’s an exhilarating breath of fresh air in the sometimes stuffy atmosphere of web porn where the same studios and directors film the same girls and guys until you feel everything they do is just more of the same. Well, on See My GF there are more than 295,000 user-submitted photos and videos that aren’t the same as anything you’ll see anywhere else. Searching their content is through links in the pages left hand column; they have keyword selections to narrow down your search. Where there is professionalism is in the site’s facilities to get you seeing their material.

You can watch by streaming or download every video or photos they have unlimited downloads and free tablet and mobile access. Being the modern folks they are, See My GF is on almost every social media platform available (they get a lot of their material from there too), they’re on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger Post, and Google+. They even have old-fashioned e-mail.

This being a user-submitted site everyone involved in the movies and photos are amateur performers and none the worse for that. In fact, for me and I’m sure many others, that makes them the best. For one thing, it means I’m seeing movie and photo after movie and photo of the tits, bums, and pussies of new fresh chicks with no repeats. Once I’ve seen a pornstar on one site, I’ve pretty well seen her on all the others too because professional sites like to cover all the holes and it all begins to look the same. Amateurs might do the things the professionals do but they themselves are new and that makes it way more exciting. 

See My GF has over 10,000 videos showing genuine amateurs doing what comes naturally and sometimes a little beyond that, which makes you wonder about that girl next door and her boyfriend; are they filming themselves and will I see them here someday soon? The videos don’t have names because they’re not telling a story but they cover a fascinating range of sexy activities. The couples really like for her to bend over, him to enter from behind and operate the camera, using a strategically placed mirror to see her face so many do that, it’s practically a trademark. With all those movies and pics you need a way for members and interested visitors to quickly get to where they want.

To aid the browser, the site has ‘Hottest GF Categories’ such as, Asian GF Porn, Big Tits & Girlfriend Boobs, Blowjobs & Facials Ex-GF, to name just a few. One of my favorite categories, because it’s even hotter than self-submitted, is the ‘Leaked Snapchat Photos’ where girlfriends have placed naughty selfies and videos on a social media site and it’s been sent to See My GF, probably by an ex-boyfriend. Another category I like is ‘Outdoor Amateur Porn & Public Sex’ where exhibitionist girls display their charms on buses, trains, in libraries, or restaurants, by the sea or near the name of their town, anywhere in fact they have no inhibitions. One of the reasons I like these kinds of photos is because, very occasionally, I recognize the place.


I love the top quality porn sites and their gorgeous models but, deep down, my heart is with the eager, enthusiastic amateurs we see on sites like See My GF. And the fact that they have so much material that they update every day tells me many of us feel the same way.

Maybe one day we’ll all feel confident enough to have sex anywhere but until that day dawns, it will be up to sites like this one to keep the extraordinary seeming ordinary and making the privately ordinary into publicly extraordinary. I salute all the couples in these movies and photos and urge them to continue posting. If you agree, join now and support public sex!

Marco Falco



Month:Our Price: $24.96
Year:$8.33 / month
Billed yearly at $99.95
Gift Card payment:No

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Reviewed on:14/09/2015

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