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The GF Network
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Reviewed on: 04/09/2015

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TheGFNetwork is not one site. As it is stated in the name the GFNetwork, it is a network for an outstanding collection of sites. This mega-site collects a bunch of girlfriend themed sites, all featuring the hottest user-submitted content on the net.

With every chick running around with the newest phones and tablets, it was unavoidable for the porn industry to start make money from it. All hot cutie like to make photos of her in front of the mirror, and when there are two of them and they’re left alone they like to make nude photos together. We all know that if something reaches the gates of the Internet it will remain online forever. This is true for the photos shot for a boyfriend, or just for fun, and also all homemade porn will stay online too, lucky for those who like naughty amateur chicks doing almost every kind of action.

Accessing the GFNetwork, you will be able to browse over 15 sites, all featuring the horniest cunts around the world. Since its mostly user-submitted content, the quality and the length of the videos are varying. This is also true for the pictures, but with the phones and tablets coming out with more advanced cameras, the overall quality is rising accordingly. There are regular updates and with your membership you get access to live cam shows too. There are no third-party ads; the network’s sites are maintaining themselves from the subscription.

The membership will give you access over 10,000 videos and 15,000 pictures. The primary niche of TheGFNetwork is amateur porn, which is a really hot topic among adult contents. The girls in the videos are natural, real women. There are no fake orgasm, and overplayed excitement, they may look innocent, but when it comes to sucking or riding a huge dick, they turn into sex-hungry sluts.

The overall design of TheGFNetwork’s main site is clear and simple: big thumbnails and some short descriptions between them. There are no menus and buttons around, if you want to watch the movie you need to click on the thumbnail and you will be redirected either to the video, or the log-in page.

While taking the tour you may get the feeling that you will be overwhelmed with content, but rest assured, there are advanced search options available once you log in. The videos can be watched online in a Flash-based player, and also can be saved to the hard drive. The quality is varying in a wide range: there are shaky mobile shots, and also professional made near-HD and HD. The same goes for the pictures.

TheGFNetwork has dozens of different niches covered, you can find lots of CFNM, facials, creampies, threesomes, orgies. The girls represent the whole world: Caucasians, Ebonies Asians, Latinas and even Indians. As for the actions, these girls are doing it everywhere, bedroom, bathroom, stairways and also in public places like parks, beaches, roadside bushes. The whole network provides such and amount of content that you will need to make sure you’re not spending your whole day just browsing the videos.

These real girls from TheGFNetwork are such sluts! They fuck with any man when the camera is on and they enjoy every second! There are no porn stars on The GF Network, only next door girls that want to have fun in their vacations. When the bottles are empty, these girls make hardcore sex, with their boyfriends or with strangers. They have fresh and beautiful faces and fit bodies, it’s such a pleasure to see them making sex!

In one very hot scene, 2 naughty girls, a blonde and a brunette, go to the nude beach. They both look perfect, with big and round tits and with some fine asses. They are in the mood for play so they find an older guy and they start talking with him. His wife has just gone to the hotel room, so he is alone. They are in a secluded place, so the sluts start masturbating and talking dirty with the man. He has an instant erection and he just puts the cock in the mouth of one of the girls! The sluts didn’t expect that, they are just 2 virgins that wanted to have some fun! Until his wife gets back, the old dude fucks their mouths and he cums on their cute faces! This is a must see scene, because the dialogues are incredible and everything is so exciting!

When 5 naive girls are called into the teacher’s room for a discussion, these usually mean they will end up naked. The teacher is an experienced guy and she tells the chick that they didn’t learn enough at Anatomy. So he tells them to sit in their knees and he gets his cock out. The girls need to touch it and to tell him the lesson about the reproductive system. The fresh women start sucking and giving the guy a handjob, until the man tells them to get completely naked. He starts fucking their pussies and the girls are moaning and talking about the lesson. After all the girls have climaxed, the teacher cums hard on their scared faces and tells the sluts that they did good!

All the clips from TheGFNetwork are very exciting and they bring something new in the porn industry. The models couldn’t be more beautiful and more skilled in sucking cocks and in anal sex, so you will have tons of fun on this website!


The quality of the movies may be very different, but the overall playback is good. If you are not really into professional porn, this network will surely satisfy your needs. But there are also an outstanding collection of DVD titles available, that covers almost all niches in porn.

With the accessible cam streams, you can watch neat cuties performing for the camera live. When you are looking for the best site to join for hot amateur content, TheGFNetwork or one of its sub-sites will surely in the first ten results to consider.

“Site no longer updated, have a look at the best paid porn networks.”

Marco Falco



Trial:1 days: $1.00
Rebilling at $27.95
Month:Regular Price $27.95
Our Price: $14.95
Gift Card payment:Yes

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Reviewed on:04/09/2015

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