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Chick Pass Network
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Reviewed on: 03/09/2014

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Whenever we talk about the Chick Pass Network, the first thing which comes to our mind is their awesome of videos and the abundance of sites which they offer at the price of one single subscription. At first I thought that all these speculations were preposterous, and to check out the truth, I logged in and set up an account myself. Believe it or not, all these promises were true and I did get access to about 100 sites.

I was amazed at the eroticness of each of the videos and their home- made look added more intensity to it. The site, by the looks of it, appeared to be one who thrives to provide amateur porn action and though I did come across some models that I have seen work in other banners, most of the materials involved unseen models or amateur stars. However the quality of the contents is what appealed me the most.

Some of the most popular sites in this network which I came to know as per the reviews of its existing members were chick pass amateurs, chick pass porn stars, chick passteens, TandA amateurs and also TandA housewives. The site also gets niches and that is what accounts for its universality in the realm. The site has been functioning for some time and in its span has managed to put together an impressive collection of materials. They have also remodelled their site, improved some of their previous issues and also incorporated many other medium websites to increase their scalability and oomph factor. This explains the reason why in recent times, the site is one of the most talked sites in the realm and so many people have decided to apply for affiliation.

Another thing which hit me and in a good way was the quality of the videos and pictures! They were outstanding! The videos were in 1080p HD formats with the latest resolutions being even higher- 1280x1080p HD formats. The pictures also are large in their size with the new ones being 1200×1600 pixels. Both of them can be viewed online and are also available as download options. The design is simple, yet eye pleasing. The subscriptions are cost-convenient. Now that you have gotten insights on the website in general, it is time to check out on some of the other important aspects of the site. Carry one reading.

The site as stated above is simple and has a nice mix of white and pink. The layout is also done wonderfully and even though there are tons of materials available in the home page, they all appear to be organised. Not for a moment will you find that the home is overcrowded or something.

The site is also suave in its navigation and depending on the portion of the site which you want to visit; you can access that by virtue of a single click of a button. You do not have to search for the options as all the important menus are displayed at the top of the home page. The website is also compatible with a host of operating systems in the realm and that means that if say you want to log into your account and also check out the latest updates, you can do that easily without even having to sit in front of the desktop or laptop.

There are tons of previews which are available as options and owing to that you will be able to check out the quality of the contents even before setting up an account. For an account you can simply click on the join now option and enter your details which the site asks of you. Those information deal with your name, your age, your email info and along with that you will have to choose an appropriate username and a password which you will use to log in every time.

You will also have to select the subscription package which appeals to you and as that is done, you submit your request. The site will respond instantly and send out a confirmation affirming the status of your account and if it is a green signal from the site’s end, then you are free to access all the contents in the site. The details are also properly protected as the site is quite sound in its security facility. The site is also updated constantly thereby ensuring that you get new contents every single time.

This network offers you 100 additional sites to browse through and each of them are a beauty in their own rights. The girls who feature are awesome in their looks and will give you your desired arousal. You will find a host of different girls- MILFS, cougars, horny house wives, sweet girls in their 20s, erotic women in their 30s, BBW, lesbian, solo, orgy, soft core and also fingering. Each of them is shot with HD cameras just to make you enjoy them to the fullest.

The vids are viewable online via the site’s flash media player and also downloaded straight into your desktop, laptop as well as your smart phones. The pics mirror the vids and can be viewed as slide shows online as well as obtainable in zip files as downloads.


The site Chick Pass Network is a wonderful portal if you love amateur porn action. Getting so many sites as additional options and that too at the expense of a single subscription is really awesome. The videos have some of the best sex scenes which you will find in amateur porn videos and all these collective features explain its massive popularity.

Marco Falco



Trial:2 days: $2.95
Rebilling at $24.95
Month:Regular Price $24.95
Our Price: $17.95
Year:Billed yearly at $79.95
Gift Card payment:No

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Reviewed on:03/09/2014

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