About Us

Hello there! We are glad to have you visiting our site This site has been specially created to show people which are the best porn websites out there, the ones that have good quality content, the ones that offer a good cost-benefit, and in general all those that we believe that will give anyone who pays for their memberships a great value.

Our team is composed by fresh men and women who like to watch porn
who like to watch good quality content, and who hate being scammed or fooled into paying for a membership site that you get to find out that has no value until you have paid the fee. Our purpose is to give you a curated list of porn websites and networks that really delivers the value they promise, and to prevent you from falling for scams, unsafe websites or rip-off websites.

Our team not only includes regular people who like to watch and review porn.
We also have with us people from different disciplines that can give you a better perspective of any particular website. For example, our team of specialists include webmasters, web security specialists, sexologists, writers, etc. They all have a lot of experience in their fields of expertise and have participated in all sorts of projects that are intended to provide useful information and services to people. We only accept people who understand our purpose of providing real and unbiased information to people interested in joining the best membership porn sites. We do not accept people that are not willing to take that service as their priority.

How do we rate porn sites?

First and foremost, we only include in our list the websites that are worth reviewing.
Those sites that since the beginning we detect that do not provide a good value to their users, or that just demonstrate that are not worth it, will not be included in our list, as simple as that. Once that has been clarified, the sites that we DO include are those that have done well enough to be considered by us.

The criteria we use to rate all the porn sites are the following:

  • Content quality
  • Content amount
  • Content variety
  • Updates

We check the websites at least twice every week in order to verify that they continue to be safe, that they continue to upload new content, etc. so we are sure that we will only direct you to perfectly safe, valid and current websites. We also take into account more technical parameters, such as their ranking, their user-friendliness, we follow Google’s algorithms in order to make sure that they comply with the requirements of legitimate websites, and very importantly, that they have a safe environment.

Have you ever heard about people who got their computers invaded with viruses because they visited porn sites? So have we… that’s why we take this aspect very seriously, because we don’t want anyone to install malicious software in your computer when the only thing you wanted to do was to have a good time… (and if this has happened to you before, rest assured that we will protect you from that happening to you every again). 


Of course, we also are very concerned about websites’ legitimacy,
because we don’t want you to enter your personal or credit card information in a rogue website that will make a wrong use of it. We know how big a problem that is right now, so it is also our job to make sure that we only refer readers to perfectly secure places. Only safe and verified websites are included in our lists. In our site, you will find great deals and discounted prices from some of the top porn networks. We can offer that to you because we believe in collaboration, and we have managed to work closely with some of the most respected adult content websites to provide you with great deals that you will only find with us.

Our website also includes free premium content from some of the best porn sites,
so you can check out their quality and decide if you want to purchase a membership with them or not. Obviously, if a porn website or network is willing to give free samples of their premium content, is because they feel completely sure about their quality. Make sure to browse through our categories, read the reviews of the websites you think you might like, and check out all the discounts and deals we have for you. Some of the websites offer really good discounts on their membership fees if you come from

If there is anything you want to ask us, or to let us know,
go ahead and contact us. Happy browsing!